Financial Assistance Programs for War Veterans in Sterling, VA

Are you a war veteran living in Sterling, VA in need of financial assistance? You are not alone. The American Legion, the largest military service organization for war veterans in the country, provides a range of services, including help with VA claims, employment assistance, support for current members of the military, and financial aid. The Veterans Education, Transition and Employment Directorate (VETE) of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services also offers personalized help to meet the housing needs of veterans (from any time of war) and their dependents. The Family Support Program (VVFS) for Virginia Veterans (VVFS) provides resource referrals, care coordination, and support services to Virginia veterans, the National Guard, the Armed Forces Reserve, their families and their caregivers.

This program's peer and family support services focus on helping people identify, address, and successfully resolve emerging needs and challenges, with special emphasis on issues stemming from stress-related conditions or traumatic brain injuries related to military service. In order to be eligible for financial assistance programs for war veterans in Sterling, VA, the veteran must have been honorably discharged by the United States Armed Forces and have at least 90 days of recognized wartime service or two years of peacetime service. To facilitate the transition to civilian life, eligible veterans wounded in combat are provided with mortgage-free housing. The Lakes at Ashbrook Bldg 2 offers non-emergency assistance to injured military personnel and financially struggling veterans.

A free monthly meeting is also available for veterans interested in starting or improving their business. To be included in the pick-up time, the transportation request must be received at least 48 hours in advance or 5 days in advance for veterans using wheelchairs. Loan servicers must suspend the loan (as necessary to implement HAF assistance) and suspend foreclosure actions. If you are a war veteran living in Sterling, VA looking for financial assistance programs, contact your city or municipality to find out if you can be mailed or taken to your office. You can also reach out to the Veterans Service representative at the above location, except for the times listed below.

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