Legal Services for War Veterans in Sterling, VA: A Comprehensive Guide

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) provides a range of services to war veterans in Sterling, VA. From face-to-face public-facing services at all VBA regional offices to online and telephone services, veterans have access to a variety of resources. The VET TEC program is also available for veterans who have received a notification of eligibility from the VA. This program offers approved providers and programs for veterans.

The VET TEC homepage provides more details about the program. The Veterans Defense Law Clinic is a hybrid, multidisciplinary legal clinic that provides free legal services to veterans and their families. Established by Arizona law professors Paul Bennett and Kenney Hegland, the clinic has provided legal representation to approximately 350 veterans in veterans courts over its first three years. It has also been involved in cases such as discharge cases, overseeing VALC students, and a complex eminent domain case.

The Veterans Treatment Court of the Regional Municipalities in Tucson was conceived and implemented by a committee that included Matthew Randle. He served as a supervisory attorney in the court for three years. The court is now operational and Arizona law students represent the majority of veterans in a pretrial diversion court, under the supervision of University of Arizona law professors and local attorneys. The Veterans Defense Law Clinic also submitted an amicus brief to the United States Armed Forces Court of Appeals (United States v.) to persuade the Court to issue a decision that would not allow employers to dismiss veterans after a single incident related to PTSD and to force them to make the reasonable accommodations required by law.

For more information on legal resources available to service members, veterans and their families in Southern Arizona, visit the Law for Veterans website (sponsored by the Arizona Bar Association).

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