What Benefits Are Available for War Veterans in Sterling, VA?

VA benefits are available to all veterans, including those living in Sterling, VA. These benefits include disability compensation, pension, education and training, health care, mortgage loans, insurance, preparation and employment of veterans, and burial. Veterans may also be entitled to a preference of 5 or 10 points in any scoring process for tests or interviews. Honorably discharged veterans or their surviving spouses who live in Virginia and have not met the legal residency requirements may be eligible for USERRA protection.

This protection includes the rights and benefits of military service members by clarifying the law, improving enforcement mechanisms, and adding Federal Government employees to those already eligible for assistance from the Department of Labor in processing claims. The Family Support Program (VVFS) for Virginia Veterans provides resources, care coordination, and support services to Virginia veterans, the National Guard, the Armed Forces Reserve, their families and their caregivers. Both the mother and the spouse (including the surviving spouse) may be entitled to a preference based on the same service provided by a veteran if both meet the requirements. Priority service means that veterans and eligible spouses receive a preference for a service sooner. The Veterans Services Foundation is an independent state agency that supports veterans and their families through the programs and services of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS).

In addition, VEC staff search through all new job openings to see if any eligible veterans or spouses qualify for a position. The Veterans Service representative is available at the above location, except for the times listed below. Surviving spouses who have not remarried of eligible disabled veterans and service members who died in combat or died from injuries are also eligible. Children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange who have a congenital abnormality such as spina bifida or other congenital anomalies may be entitled to VA benefits. Virginia residents who are veterans or their surviving spouses may also be eligible for tuition purposes and financial aid.

To learn more about these benefits and eligibility requirements, visit our veterans page.

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