What Types of Programs are Available for War Veterans in Sterling, VA?

The VA provides a range of programs and services to support war veterans in Sterling, VA. Geriatrics is one of the approved programs for VET TEC, offering long-term care services for veterans, including institutional and non-institutional options. The VA also provides dental care benefits, including eligibility criteria and how to understand if you are eligible to receive dental care from the VA. Veterans can also receive preparation and employment services (VR&E) to help them with job training, education, job accommodations, resume building, and job search skills counseling. The VA has implemented positive changes in the provision of care for all women veterans.

The Veterans Crisis Line (call 988 and press) is a free and confidential resource that connects veterans in crisis and their family and friends with qualified and caring VA staff. Paid work therapy is another program that strives to find and support veterans prepared to work in competitive employment. The VA also offers volunteer programs such as becoming a volunteer transportation network driver, greeting veterans at the front entrance as a Red Coat ambassador, or joining the Compassionate Contact Corps by contacting socially isolated veterans through phone calls. Other services can be offered to help veterans and military service members start their own businesses or independent living services for those who are severely disabled and unable to work in traditional employment. Mental health services are available to maintain and improve the health and well-being of veterans through excellence in health care, social services, education and research. The Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP) and the Veterans Preparedness and Employment program (VR&E) are two programs that help soldiers and service members transition into civilian life.

Prosthetics and sensory aids are also available through the VA as the primary source of prosthetic and orthopedic services, sensory aids, medical equipment, and support services for veterans. If you support a veteran or military service member with a military-related disability who is facing difficult work challenges, there may be little left in the family budget for higher education and career advancement. Rehabilitation counseling (veterinary centers) offers services to eligible veterans and their families to help them make a successful transition from military to civilian life.

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