Recreational Opportunities for War Veterans in Sterling, VA

Organizations like 22Mohawks are dedicated to providing veterans with the resources they need to make a successful transition from military to civilian life. Through various programs and services, veterans home residents are encouraged to take part in an environment that encourages self-esteem, productivity, and independent decision-making. The Virginia Office of National Sports Programs and Special Events for Veterans offers veterans health and recovery opportunities through adaptive sports and therapeutic arts programs. The free lifetime military pass grants the veteran or Gold Star Family voucher holder, as well as the occupants of a single non-commercial private vehicle or the veteran or voucher holder and three people (16 years of age or older) access to these activities.

Fees may be charged per person. The programs are supported by essential contributions from veterans service organizations, corporate sponsors, individual donors, and community partners. Grants for adaptive sports programs for veterans and service members with disabilities (ASG Program) provide organizations with the funds necessary to increase and expand the quantity and quality of sustainable adaptive sports activities that veterans and service members with disabilities can participate in. These activities include physical activities related to mental health problems in their home communities, as well as more advanced paralympic and adaptive sports programs at the regional level and national level. For the purposes of this program, a veteran is identified as a person who has served in the U. S.

Armed Forces, Department of State, including the National Guard and Reserves. Veterans living in Sterling, VA have access to a wide range of recreational activities that can help them adjust to civilian life. From adaptive sports programs to therapeutic arts initiatives, there are plenty of opportunities for veterans to stay active and healthy while enjoying their newfound freedom.

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